which translates to english as SOUL-ROOT

Old knowledge, new ways of seeing them.


Lives that intertwine,

Ideas that are born,

Smiles that light up.

Craftsmanship is culture.


It is born full of meanings, of whys.

It reflects part of our history.

It lives in harmony with nature around it.

It translates feelings and emotions.


Through a careful observation, full of respect and admiration, every day I understand a little more about this fascinating universe and the incredible artists that translate it through their hands.


The ALMA-RAIZ collection is born from my ever-deepening research of Brazilian identity.

Tucumã straws, a palm typical of the Amazon Forest, receives natural dyeing with pigments also found in the region as caapiranga, margarataia, crajiru, jenipapo and urucum. Indigenous ancestry that crosses generations and today flows gracefully through the hands of Urucureá artisans, who braid the straw on the banks of the Arapiuns River, in Pará.


Palafitas Bench and Tables


Benches and tables, like drums that resound stories, perpetuate what pulses Brazilian land. Made of Cabreúva wood and tucumã straw, they overflow Amazon rainforest’s colors and strength.

Palafitas Table P Tradicional  01

35,0 D x 36,0 H (cm) (approximate)


Palafitas Table P Traditional 02

35,0 D x 36,0 H (cm) (approximate)

Palafitas Table P Traditional 03

35,0 D x 36,0 H (cm) (approximate)

Palafitas Table P Tricot

35,0 D x 36,0 H (cm) (approximate)

Palafitas Table M Flower

55,0 D x 57,0 H (cm) (approximate)

Palafitas Table M Traditional

55,0 D x 57,0 H (cm) (approximate)

Palafitas Table M Tricot

55,0 D x 58,0 H (cm) (approximate)

Palafitas Bench Tucano

45,0 D x 44,5 H (cm) (approximate)

Palafitas Bench Tricot

45,0 D x 50,0 H (cm) (approximate)

Palafitas Bench Jararaca

45,0 D x 45,5 altura (approximate)

Palafitas Bench Jararaca (with stripes)

45,0 D x 45,0 H (cm) (approximate)


Cocar Chair


Sometimes it takes freedom to see the obvious. The braided tucumã straw is sturdy and beautiful, the use of it in furniture was just a matter of allowing myself not to follow established standards.


The traditional sousplat is re-read and become the center of attention in the back of Cocar chair. Made in Cabreúva wood, this chair is a conscious recreation of local tradition.

Chair with Cocar

45 L x 65 P x 110 H

Chair without Cocar

45 L x 65 P x 92 H

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