which translates to english as DESIGN WITH SOUL

ALMA is a small notebook that accompanies all Yankatu’s pieces. It holds inspirations and stories and have blank pages that invite those who possess them to include in it their memories.

I wish my work may share with others a little bit of the feelings which originated them and that, in a way, take into their home these richness of emotions. That instigates investigation, the discovery of an ancient culture, the rescue of a technique, the childhood memories, our roots and traditions.

In order to allow the story of the piece to be told further, each of them is accompanied by a small book, which I have heartily named “Soul”. In this small book I tell a little bit about how the piece was born and leave some blank pages as an invitation for those who acquire them write in it their memoirs. 

Enclose the “Soul” to the piece turns it into something mor, which does not change with fashion, which does not change over time. To the contrary, it moves on from a generation to another, from hand to hand, each time with more stories to tell, incorporating the lives shared by it.

I believe objects speak, that they tell a little bit about us, our identity, traditions; they remind us of who we are and where we have been. They tell stories.

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