o ouro que aflora pelas mãos

which translates to english as Artisans, gold that flourish through the hands

A collection made by many hands

Unique pieces and limited editions.




crepe paper


Making an allusion to the gold taken from Brazil by the Portuguese crown during the colonial period, the Artisans collection wants to show that the true Brazilian gold is still here, latent, waiting to be found.


There is an immense wealth stored in every artisan of this country, we just have to get rid of stereotypes and learn to see. The pieces of the collection are inspired by five artisans from Tiradentes (MG) and their different expertise.


Through them I present my gaze on the work of each one. There are dressers, tables, mirrors and lamps with the soul of each artisan and mine too.


Rococo Dresser


The piece made of solid Cedar Rose wood was carved by Rondinelly Santos, an artisan specialized in sacred art, who lives in the historic city of Tiradentes, MG. The flowing design of the volutes and acanthus leaves comes alive through his hands and runs across the dresser’s drawers, uniting them subtly, creating an optical effect that makes the wood appear soft.

Carving wood is to transform it, rewriting its history. This is how this dresser was born, translating the essence of Rococo period during the Brazilian colonization.

Single piece, numbered, with certificate of authenticity.


60 W x 36 D x 120 H (cm) 

2018 | Creative Week of Tiradentes - Desdobramentos | SP - Arte 2018


Reliquary Mirror


A piece of solid imbuia wood carved houses a 4mm bronze mirror. Its installation system and wooden hinge allow you to opt for the opening side when you place it on the wall. Its impeccable finish even allows it to be placed on a table.

The shafts and shades of solid wood don’t repeat themselves; each piece is always unique.

The Reliquary Mirror refers to the meaning of the reliquaries that hold within themselves the image of the most important person for us, that should be ourselves in fact.

Limited edition of 08 pieces, numbered, with certificate of authenticity.


33 D x 5 D (cm) 

2018 | MADE


Brocado Cabinet


The traditional embroidery exudes the fabric and falls on the bronze glass that make up the Brocade Cabinet door. The tones of the yarns dyed naturally by Mattricaria resemble the colors of the paintings found in churches and historic houses in Tiradentes, MG.

The embroidery on the glass is work of artisan D. Maria Conceição de Paula. Despite the fact of being born and raised in a small historic town, she allowed herself to experiment new surfaces, accepting the challenge of embroidering a bronze glass with 133 holes.

Single piece, numbered, with certificate of authenticity.


51 W x 42,5 D x 145 H (cm) 

2018 | MADE


Windows Mirror


Made of brass, this mirror receives JRJ linen chambers with ajour embroidery stitching on the lateral structures, reminding the windows of Tiradentes, which have in this detail a subtle way of disguising the houses’ interiors, giving them privacy and at the same time allowing natural light passage. In the central part the bronze polished mirror gives the functional character to this symbolic piece.

The embroideries made by D. Maria Conceição de Paula carry threads of different textures and gold tones that give life to the sinuous designs of Rondinelly Santos, accustomed to the sacred motifs characteristic of the Brazilian colonial period. Both live in Tiradentes, a historic city in the interior of Minas Gerais.

Single piece, numbered and with certificate of authenticity.


61,5 W  x 0,5 D x 24,5 H  (cm) 

2018 | MADE