Rescuing and valuing the artisanal tradition is also a way of rescuing the will of the artisans to continue dedicating themselves to their crafts and maintaining their traditions.

The Memórias collection (Memories collection, in a literal translation) is inspired by the work of Mayumi Ito, Brazilian stylist with Japanese parents, who dedicated part of her life to the recovery of the traditional hand loom in the Muzambinho region and different sewing and lace techniques that were being lost.

Keeping is the concept that served as the basis for her creation, in tribute to the determination and resilience of this woman, who despite several difficulties encountered over more than a decade, did not give up on her dream and ended up rescuing much more than what intended, influencing the life of artisans in the region.

The movement of the fabrics represents the ups and downs of these years of work and dedication, and the design carved in wood is a reinterpretation of the sewing work known as the cathedral window, taught by Mayumi’s mother to her when she was a girl.