Maria Fernanda proposes in the Kwasawá | Borar serie, the rescue of the indigenous ancestry of the artisans of the community of Urucureá, in Pará, through pottery and straw.

Surprised by the scarce information that the artisans had about their own ancestor and the origin of the straw braiding technique they use in their work, the developed project recovers the value of lives and the importance of their ancestors through the traditional crafts of the Borari ethnic group, almost nonexistent today: pottery. The result was the re-reading in the straw of the shapes molded in the clay.

Each piece has a shape and each artisan produced a piece, in a way of homage to the Borari ethnic group and their own ethnic groups, whatever they may be. The project’s name, Kwasawá, means “knowledge” in the Nheengatu indigenous language.