Home with soul

January 29, 2018
Home with soul
Home with soul

Hi everyone!


I never imagined myself writing a blog just like I had never imagined myself with a brand of furniture with soul!


Today I realize that the importance of the soul, of this transparency and this will to be who we really are, has always been a constant in my work and in my life. Since when I started working with interior design in the mid 90's (yeah, it’s a long way till here!) I always treasured those little objects brought from trips, gifts from the grandmother or even bought in any simple shop.


I have often heard from my clients, "If you find it ugly, you don’t need to use it", "and if it doesn’t fits in the decor?", "I loved a ornament when I was on vacation but I was afraid to buy it and not match the decoration" and so on. I always said the same thing that is exactly what I still say today: in our house there is no rules, there is not the beautiful and the ugly, our home have to makes us good, brings us comfort, good memories when we are not in the best days, makes us smile and simply want to be there, to live there.


Unfortunately we often permit that the "look of the other" invades us and made us insecure. For that very reason, as a professional, I make it a point to tell my clients that Grandma's armchair should have a prominent place, the travel ornaments must occupy spaces where they can be seen and remind them of their vacations on days that they are consumed by work. I try to pass confidence and, if they still have doubt, they know that they can just call me and I will help them.


With more than twenty years of profession I have many cases to tell, so I will choose only a few to show that it is when our house is really ours that it draws attention. This doesn’t mean that "the beautiful is to be different", it means that "the beauty is on being who you really are."

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