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February 6, 2018

One of the things I like about my job is that to do it, you need to have empathy, either with the client or with the artisan (and in my case with the suppliers too!). This type of relationship makes you create bonds of trust and friendship that I take with me for life, as you can notice by the Russian doll and the old trunk that appears in the previous post.


The family grew and it was necessary to move to a more spacious home. This time the biggest challenge was to expose the collection of paintings, sculptures and objects of sentimental value in a harmonious way. Challenge that I love to do and I love it even more when people are surprised when they find unexpected compositions, such as the lace from Pernambuco that came out of the closet and lay delicately on the trunk next to the sculpture of the artist Laura Vinci, leaving the good memories of the client's hometown on sight.


A living room where works of art shared space with Brazilian folk art as the sculpture of Itamar Julião, and Brazilian design, represented by the Bandeirola bench from the designer Ivan Resende, which was used not only as a support site but also and mainly as part of the collection. This shows that this mixture is possible and it is even more interesting because it reflects a little of the personality and history of its owners.


As I always try to create new uses for old pieces, I rescued the armchair that would go to donation. I was a little insistent, I confess, but I ended up convincing the client to change the fabric and take advantage of it in the composition. Stylish, she gained prominence in the living room just below the drawing of Tarsila do Amaral. Today they do not live in this house anymore exists but the armchair remains firm, at the side of the bed in Gabi's bedroom, that Gabi who played in the enchanted attic!


The production of Aldi Flosi and the photo of Luis Gomes for Casa Claudia recorded not only a beautiful wall but also many stories and memories, including the day it was taken, when the client received us with a real banquet of Pernambuco´s delicacies at a table decorated with the traditional handicrafts of the region. I still can feel the affection in every detail.

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