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March 13, 2018

Now that I have told you what I consider to be a house with soul and I showed you some of my projects where I take this very seriously, I decided to tell you a little about places where I try to connect with nature to recharge my energy, places that are not sources of inspiration for Yankatu’s collections but are sources of inspiration for my life. I thought it would be worth sharing with you!


One of those places that I would highly recommend is Cristalino Lodge, near Alta Floresta, in the north of Mato Grosso, Brasil. Inserted in a Private Natural Heritage Reserve (RPPN) that meets the Cristalino State Park, which have borders with the Air Force Reserve, this place is a true paradise where we can feel the respect for nature in its widest sense. The lodge also has a management program so that no details escape from its care in the conservation of local biodiversity. It is really exciting to find part of our Amazon Forest still intact and being cared for with so much responsibility.


Access is only by boat and once there we forget the rest of the world. The lodge is sophisticated and at the same time simple, there is everything we need to have an unforgettable stay without harming the nature around us. The staff does everything to make us feel at home, the healthy food appreciates the local ingredients and surprises our palate.


The tours are made in small groups and I was fortunate to have a guide just for me, Sebastian, since during my visit there were only foreigners interested in birdwatching (this region has one of the largest number of bird species in the world!) and my interest was in everything that I could see and learn in that paradise.


The observation towers are worth to climb. With 50 meters of height they take us to another world, a vision 360º above the treetops, looking for a green immensity that seems to have no end. The beauty is so much as we climb the steps and slowly discover the forest by angles never before seen that when we realize we are already at the top and just then we lost our breath, witnessing the sunset and the moon rise simultaneously, with the birds singing.


An unforgettable trip for those in love with nature like me!

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