Home with a Brazilian Soul

May 22, 2018
Home with a Brazilian Soul

Home with a Brazilian Soul


Home with a Brazilian soul, so is my house.


Passionate about Brazilian crafts I decided to live surrounded by them, not only by the pieces of Yankatu that furnish and adorn my apartment, but also by an endless number of works that warm my heart. There are so many that I lost count and the other day I heard from a person whose work I so much admire that I could already consider myself a collector.


Living among furniture, objects and works of art from people I have had the pleasure to meet in person and others that I still want to meet I consider a great privilege. They welcome me when I get home.


In the living room Yankatu’s Contas bookcase divides the space with Virginia desk by designer Paulo Alves with whom I had the pleasure of working during the Creative Week of Tiradentes and that now I consider a great friend. Soon a sofa also created by him comes to complete the living room that is both home theater and office and have the vibe of the printed fabrics created by a special designer and friend, Daniela Karam.

The balcony had the landscaping done by the talented Aline Victor who now lives in Netherlands but who before embarking was here helping me to plant a acerolas, bromeliads and so on. Everything made with love to receive the swing of my dear friend Maria Helena Emediato and the Mercato bench, an exclusive project made for Carlo Calabrò’s Acierno, another incredible person that I consider a dear friend. In fact, he is also responsible for the execution of my kitchen, integrated to the living room, where the wood fittings and ceramic handles always attract the attention of those who enter the place, whether by the delicacy or the unusual.


In fact, when I am at home I am always surrounded by friends, even when they are not there, because there is something from each one of them spread lovingly throughout the four corners of the apartment.


In the lavatory the highlight is Mari Dabbur’s Renda lamp that reminds me of Yankatu’s first steps as it was born while our friendship strengthened. It is also home to one of the dear artist and friend Adriana Florence’s works while the other one rests on one of my collection’s bench, dividing the wall with works by the incredible Hilal Sami Hilal, Kboco and Wagner Malta Tavares and the ever sweet Isabelle Tuchband.


I think I need to control myself otherwise the text will not end! I'll leave a little for next time!

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