Tiradentes and its true gold

June 13, 2018

Tiradentes is a city that keeps part of the Brazilian history, walking through its streets of stones is like slide through the pages of a beautiful book, especially at dawn when the cars have not yet entered the center and we find ourselves practically alone surrounded by the São José hill and a breathtaking architectural set, registered by SPHAN (Service of National Historical and Artistic Heritage).


At first glance it may appear that it is not even necessary to visit the museums to get in touch with the beauties of the Brazilian colonial period since the houses and churches are already a spectacle in itself, but it is when we enter them that the Brazilian richness during the baroque period pops up. Paintings, sculptures, vestments, everything sparkles the gold that left Minas Gerais to go to the Portuguese Court. For me it brightened a lot more, as it showed me through every detail that the handmade traditions are still preserved in that region. I discovered behind each technique a person who is passionate about his craft, who performs it with extreme affection and dedication and who does not want to change his quiet life for a different one in the big city. I fell in love, with the city, with the stories, with the people, for me they are the true wealth of Minas Gerais. It is this wealth that I try to translate through the new Artisans Collection, the gold that flows through the hands, after all our true gold is still there, guarded by the hands of these admirable craftsmen who insist on not letting our traditions disappear. The collection is a tribute to the five artisans I had the privilege of knowing during the immersions of the 1st Creative Week of Tiradentes in 2017. Through each piece I present my way of seeing the story and the work of each one of them. There are dressers, tables, mirrors and lamps with the soul of each artisan and mine too.

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