Ms. Maria and the embroidery

Jun 22, 2018

The table set with cheese breads, cakes and puddings, the aroma of fresh coffee, the sound of cheerful conversation, the skillful hands embroidering colored designs on the white fabrics, this was how I met D. Maria Conceição de Paula, an artisan who coordinates, with her sweet speech, a group of women embroiderers - the Artistas do Bairro, in Tiradentes, Minas Gerais.


Her serene manner hides an organized and strong woman, who are not afraid of the unknown, facing what life brings with courage, determination and faith. She takes care of the church in her neighborhood and maintains in her home an entire decorated oratory always ready to receive her prayers.

During the first Tiradentes Creative Week in 2017 it was incredible to see her replacing the fabric, the basis of her embroidery so far, with the soapstone, with a smile on her face and glittering eyes: "It was anxious to get home to try it! Do you know I like to embroider the stone? "


It was this excitement and this pleasure with the new discoveries that made my imagination fly free and return bringing to her a glass more than a meter long, full of holes prepared to receive her embroidery. Yeah, she couldn’t imagine that day that I would ask her to go even further and embroider a glass almost her size.

So that was not a surprise when I told her my idea, and she said "I love a challenge!"


We spent a few hours studying threads and stitches, and it was really amazing to see her take the reins of the embroidery in her hands, test stitches and threads on the glass, until finally she was satisfied and tell me what the best option would be. In less than a week the glass was ready, embroidered with the same care she devotes to everything she does, or rather, she devotes to life. This is how the Brocado Furniture is born, which is part of the Artisans Collection, presented in June at MADE 2018.

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