Ms. Lilia and the Crepe Paper

June 22, 2018

D. Lilia Fonseca was responsible for rescuing an old tradition that was almost disappearing in the city of Tiradentes (MG), the act of putting a cross on the houses’ doors of the houses to be blessed in the passage of May 3rd, when the Catholic Church recalls and celebrates the day St. Helena found the Holy Cross of Christ.


Her husband, makes a small wooden cross that she delicately overcoats with strips of white or colored crepe paper. A simple and delicate piece that draws the attention of those who pass through the city because they are at the doors of the vast majority of houses.


To me her gesture brings with it a mixture of faith and hope, the belief that life continues and the desire that Our Lady may bless us all. Her desire to give more meaning to life was inspiring and so her crosses became rosaries, left the facades and integrated works of art and trend books.


And as she uses to say, "I don’t know stay put, I love to do different things!" So, I asked her to help me find solutions to the rain of enlightened pompoms I had in mind. I took crepe paper and some kinds of lamps to her house so she could study possibilities. She took it all and after a few days sent me a message saying, "It's ready, Fernanda, I think you'll like it!"


With her discoveries in my hand I returned to São Paulo and continued the process of creating the Matrix Luminaire. I wanted a structure as delicate as D. Lilia to hold the strands and I found in the paintings of the Church of Saint Anthony’s ceiling, made in the course of the eighteenth century, the perfect design not only for the structure but also for the volutes interlaced to the wires, representing the mother, who frees her children to the world, but never ceases to look after them. From our meeting, the Matrix Pendentis born, which is part of the Artisans Collection, presented in June at MADE 2018.

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