Gabi's enchanted attic

January 30, 2018
Gabi's enchanted attic

One project that I am still passionate about was an attic that ended up turning into a subject at Casa Claudia in December 2006 by the hands of dear Mayra Navarro, "the enchanted attic of Gabi." The client wanted to bring some of her hometown to the house where she lived in Sao Paulo without spending much. The space once occupied by a boiler and a water tank gave way to a hall where Gabi, daughter of the couple, played and where the family hosted the visitors.
Togheter with my partner at the time, interior designer Renata Dias de Moraes, we used and abused of a fabric calles chita , cloth dolls, antique trunks, mats and even a mirrors of $ 1.99. Since there was not enough structure to raise a wall, we created a small toilet room using a curtain of fabric strips the mother of the client made with the greatest affection, sewing a small bundle at the end of each one to give weight and decorating the top with small cloth dolls. I have the pleasure to start the blog Home with Soul with this charming place where memories are in every detail and Gabi's fantasies have gained wings and embraced the world. Pure inspiration!

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