Salvador Design Week

October 15, 2019


"Our goal is to improve the human condition through design and make possible the idea of ​​a better world for everyone." This is how designer Anderson Falcão, creator of the Design for Life project, introduces it.

I met Anderson when I participated in a talk about Business Design applied to the Social Sector, at IED, in São Paulo. Hearing him talk about Design for Life thrills. Its initiative aims to join forces, bringing together professionals and students from different areas to together think, reflect, raise awareness and show that we can improve by looking and hearing each other and that we can join our knowledge and these combined actions will bring benefits to all.

I sure accepted his invitation to attend the conference that will be held in Salvador during Design Week Salvador, bringing design to the enormous cultura richness of Bahian capital.
I’ll embark this week, taking with me some pieces from Alma-Raiz collection, but mostly the desire to see, hear, learn, exchange and add. Amazingly, I haven't had the pleasure of getting to know Salvador yet, I'm looking forward to getting there, getting to know its people, delving into its history, delighting in its beauty and joy and finding myself as part of it all. I asked Anderson for some tips, he listed interesting things for minutes and I'm sure he still forgot some!

The magic of our land fascinates me, this mixture of cultures and dreams, of people of all colors and genres united by a joy of life that wells up in our soul when we take our first breath, which that is shown in our eyes when we see the grandeur of our rivers. , beaches, forests and savannahs.

Development and transdisciplinarity will be the theme approached, putting in focus the importance of seeing ourselves as a whole and not in parts, as eternal learners of life, always seeking knowledge, reinforcing that we must always be open because there are no absolute truths, and that even in the harshest reality it is always possible to plant smiles of hope.

Soul Design + Design for Life, let's see where this will lead us!
I'll tell you when I get back :)

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