Encounters - Marcelo Oséas

September 4, 2018
Encounters - Marcelo Oséas

Marcelo Oséas, photographer with a sensitive soul, who captures much more than
images with your lenses. His gaze goes further, meets the human being for behind the image, the emotion behind the moment, the truth behind the context. His photographs express themselves, transport us to a another dimension, where the simple has the value it deserves.
What about this meeting? I am not a person from the virtual world, I actually have some difficulty with it, but I have to admit it was he who made our meeting possible and I am very, very grateful for that.
It all started when Marcelo watched the interview I gave to Canal Arte 1 (if you want to check it go there on the Media page). He visited the website and sent an email. Since then we started following each other on Instagram. The admiration for the works was always huge, but more that, the way of presenting them, of telling stories, of talking about the people, I believe that was what really brought us together.
Post goes, comment comes, in August 2016 Marcelo went to visit the MADE and finally we met in person. Friendship instant, you know ?!
One that we feel is special. Since then there have been several coffees, chats, laughter, shared stories and dreams.
And it's not that our last coffee, in July, accompanied by a delicious orange cake brought by him, ended up yielding much more than could we imagine? Today he occupies a bench that was idle here at Yankatu's studio, we edited together the poetry book of Deuzani (yes, that wonderful person that I told you about some time ago) and we are already planning our first business trip together, for Pará, me developing the new collection together with a riverside community and he capturing moments and emotions with his camera.
Appropriating your words I can say that we both believe that we can:
“Using the talents we have to change the lives of people around us
around. ”
You can imagine what still comes around !!!!

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