Encounters - Sergio Cabral

October 11, 2018
Encounters - Sergio Cabral

Everyone who knows him always describes him as a totally pattern-free person, out of the box, surprising, unexpected, and so on, so I decided to look at him in another way and discovered a sweet and sensitive person, attached to the family, who fights for his point of view but knows how to give and respect the space of the other, who takes pleasure in sharing what he knows and knows that we are constantly learning.
We met in March, at the first immersion of the Tiradentes Creative Week 2018. He arrived in silence, introspective, watching the unfolding of the conversations and works as he absorbed every detail, every information.
I took him to meet Expedito, I chatted all the way and probably left him a little dizzy, because I know that when it comes to working with the craftsmen, I get excited and talk a lot !!!! He got there and within minutes he had a soapstone in his hand and was talking to Expedito and understanding how it behaved.
His enchantment with the project and his willingness to work with the artisans led him to participate in the project Disclosures by my side, we began a beautiful partnership that became a great friendship. We say that we are different and at the same time very much alike. He's practical, fast and unusual, I'm romantic and a bit more complex, but we have the same values and principles which resulted in an extremely enjoyable, poetic and meaningful project.
During several immersions we dive ourselves into the universe of the five artisans who participated in the Creative Week 2017 (I dedicated a blog to each of them, if you want to know a little bit more just roll down) and explore more deeply the knowledge and materials of each one. We learned a lot from them, and with one another too. There were lots of ideas, coffees, experiments and laughs. A super serious work developed with lightness and joy. The result of all this history can be seen in the
exhibition Disclosures that takes place from October 18 to 21 in Tiradentes, MG.
With all this I'm sure of one thing, the exhibition may have date to finish, but our friendship is just beginning!

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