Letters from a traveller | #8

Carimbó and Kaupuna trip
December 19, 2019

For those of you who couldn't come, take a look at the concert by Duo de Pau e Corda and the dancer Cecília de Santarém, which involved all the guests with this rhythm that seems to penetrate our soul.



Carimbó is considered a musical genre of indigenous origin with influences of black and Portuguese culture, things there where truly clear when Cecilia began to demonstrate through dance each of these characteristics. The name "Carimbó" refers to the drum made of a tree that is already born hollow, known as Curimbó, a word of the Tupi language, where "Curi" means stick and "mbó" refers to hollow or pierced, whose literal translation is hollow stick that produces sound.

Another news is that when you receive this letter, I'll be living another adventure, after all, I never stop, right?! This time I'll be at Kaupüna Village, in Xingu, along with Stive Mehinako and his family. I received from him an unexpected and undeniable invitation, to know his traditions closely, to learn about their way of life, arts, rituals, and meanings. In Stive’s words:

“You are our guest, you are our friend”!!!!

Just imagine how thrilled I am with all this! I am sure that I will return with a suitcase full of wonderful works and a soul filled with the strength and beauty of these people who have so much to teach us.

I'll tell you everything when I get back, and for those who can visit me at the gallery this invitation includes coffee and cornmeal cake.

See you later!

The Carimbó exhibition will be in the gallery until December 20th, for anyone who can, it is worth checking out the new pieces inspired by the movement of skirts, the lightness and freedom of dance, popular traditions and stories of Brazilian people.

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