Letters from a traveller | #12

Closer than ever!
May 20, 2020

The truth is that I realized that the emotion is in me and the other, that I continue to feel it and share it, that I keep moving and feeling embraced, making my loved ones smile and feel loved, even if we can't be in the same place at the same time. Emotions travel in time and space, cross borders and transport us with them. Technology, which sometimes distanced us at family lunches, brings us closer today. And it is through her that Me and Kulikyrda Mehinako, Stive, move on with the Xingu project. He's in the village, me here in Sao Paulo. They were singing and dancing in their beautiful rituals, I was in the ritual of isolation behind the computer screen.

After many messages exchanged, raw materials collected, health care taken, mail as an essential means of transport and a dear friend and incredible botanical researcher, The Maibe, mattricaria, was born the color chart of the Xingu, based on the leaves and bark of the trees used in the construction, crafts and rituals in the village. The trip there that I had to cancel became video lessons, Stive became a producer and photographer and today I learn from the women of the village the technique to weave a treadmill here in the studio, in São Paulo. We worked together to create the pieces of the new collection. We adapt, improve, create new paths, new trajectories, which will surely take us elsewhere, even further than we thought. 

This new development made me very happy, after all I was contributing to the work in the village continue, which was good for the emotional, shaken by the unknown moment we live, and also contributed financially, at a time when everything is somehow in suspense, waiting for the scenes of the next chapters. Only that even then something was not yet quiet inside me, there was a nuisance, a "do not wait for the next chapter" and rather WRITE It! But how? What could I do? It was when I talked to Expedito, my dear friend and artisan of Tiradentes, that I understood what was really bothering me: I was keeping the work with the artisans of Kaupüna village, but what about all the other craftsmen? I needed to do something for them too. I needed to bring them closer, connect them, be bridge, showcase and voice. Thus was born the

 Artisans of Brazil Campaign!

Since its inception I haven't stopped a minute. It was necessary to set up the campaign, gather all the products, from all the artisans participating, in a spreadsheet, collect measures, weights and prices, calculate platform fees, taxes and estimate freight. Study possibilities of packages that made sense, so that everyone would benefit. With this ready, launch the campaign that has a certain duration of 30 days. I thought from the launch it would be quieter than nothing! That's when the run-run started, rsrsrsrs. For the successful campaign it was necessary to disseminate, present the artisans, their works, their stories, share photos, explain processes. Today is the 22nd day, I'm exhausted, but I couldn't be happier. I honestly did not expect to receive so many support, from so many nice people that I love and admire and so many who did not know and now become friends that I look forward to a coffee with cornmeal cake when our go and come back to fill the world. It is beautiful to be able to connect a person from Pernambuco to the work of Expedito in Tiradentes, another person from Ceará to the work of Deuzani in the Jequitinhonha Valley, and so on! Without in mind I ended up possiblitar beautiful trips :)I want to do as those maps that show the flights of airlines, where appears a map of the world and several lines that join points with name of cities. Maybe I won't do this to send you in the next letter? It would be a nice way to show that we can continue connecting, as in a league points, where each one that enters adds up to the whole, strengthens, generates more smiles, spreads more love, more culture, more art. Today I feel much more complete and I want to go out there, even if virtually, helping to complete a little bit of what is missing in each one. Shall we go with me together? Feel embraced!

Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros

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