Letters from a traveller | #14

Where do I want to leave my reflection?
September 16, 2020

The decision was made in September last year, when we had no sign of the revolution that 2020 would bring us and today, more than ever, I am sure it was right. For me, my daughter, our dogs, a quieter life, surrounded by green, entitled to the song of birds and roosters too, since the house came with 1 rooster, 4 chickens growing, 25 chickens and 2 goats, Barbara and Melody.


The studio and gallery of Yankatu will come with us, the space allows and these months of isolation made me sure that it would not make sense to keep it in São Paulo, on the contrary, I want to provide those who visit me the same privilege that I will have, fresh air, fruits harvested in the orchard and a beautiful sunset. So, don't worry, once we're settled there, the studio will reopen the doors to get them by appointment, cupcake and coffee.


And while all this preparation was going on, the work that in my case is called passion continued with full force. In August, at MADE, I launched the Xingu collection, which was born from my experience in Kaupüna Village, in the Upper Xingu, last December and of course, with the help and wonderful work of Stive (Kulikyrda Mehinako) and her sisters.


Together with them I also developed the Kaupüna Balance Sheet, created for the Artesol Auction, to help raise funds so that it can continue developing its incredible projects for the benefit of Brazilian artisans. A balance that for me is a milestone because it is the first piece made by the Mehinako ethnic group that unites the work of men with wood and women with the braided of buriti threads. As they said, it's a "new Indigenous product"! Too much, huh?  I still find it hard to believe that all this is part of the path I decided to walk by listening to my heart.


My steps led me to so many places, learned so much, taught so many others, in a constant and transparent exchange that resulted in work with soul and friends for life.


In this walk doors closed, but so many others opened. This Saturday will be the opening of the exhibition Sit Read Write of which I have the honor of participating as an artist presenting the work built four hands with Stive, showing that there is no distance or pandemic that prevents us from realizing dreams, sharing, building together a better future.


The exhibition is part of the 3rd edition of the Circular Arte project in Adolpho Bloch Square, an initiative of Farah Service that aims from the beginning to provoke a reflection on the relationship of man with nature, his surroundings and art.


Where I want to leave my reflection is a work that aims to put us face to face with a current and primordial issue, invites us to pause to sit and think, read what is not necessarily written in words and write through our attitudes a story with a happier ending.


When we leave this life, no matter belief, race or social position, we take nothing with us, but leave behind the reflection of our choices. After all, where do you want to leave your reflection?



I'll wait for you there!

With great affection,


Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros

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