MADE 2016: Mercado Arte Design

Revealing inspiring stories, highlighting the value of Minas Gerais culture and rediscovering the essence of design, in a plunge into the pure beauty of shapes, tones and nuances. This is the proposal that Yankatu takes for the 4th edition of MADE - Market, Art, Design -, an international event that brings together unique pieces, limited editions and works located on the border between design and art.

The festival, which takes place from August 8 to 14, at the Jockey Club of São Paulo, will be the stage for the launch of the Jardim Collection, where the brand exalts the Minas Gerais look at life, in a desire to bring delicacy to urban centers , lightness and charm of country life, native and historical beauty. The new pieces will be displayed in a space that brings together young and renowned designers.

Initially composed of four distinct pieces of furniture, Jardim brings interference from crochet flowers, in an intertwining of lives involved in the design of furniture - designer, artisans, joiners, customers. The colors of the threads that make up the details - dyed with fruit pulp - do not repeat and can present irregularities typical of the production process, reacting to the action of time, light and humidity, fading irregularly. “I greatly value the beauty of imperfection; the concept of ‘perfect imperfection’ is extremely unique, making each job special, exclusive and unique. I never see it as a defect, but as a way of telling the particular story of each piece of furniture”, declares the creator of Yankatu, Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros.

With sensitivity, the brand transports the partnership between the brand and artisans from Minas Gerais to solid wood, focusing on valuing and preserving their traditional practices and memories. The work carried out unites the tradition of handcrafted joinery and rudimentary manual work with technological development and gives life to projects created with real involvement, dedication, heart, soul, and quality. They are pieces that escape fashion, designed freely to last in people's lives for generations, for a lifetime.