Tiradentes' Creative Week: Design by hand

The products created by the collective LAB, immersions that brought together the artisans Expedito Jonas de Jesus, Lilia Fonseca, Maria Conceição de Paula, Rondinelly Santos and Wagner Trindade and the designers André Bastos (Nada se leva), Daniela Karam, Guilherme Leite Ribeiro (Nada se leva), Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros (Yankatu) and Paulo Alves will be exhibited in a contemporary decoration signed by the office Díptico Design , by interior designer Daniela Cianciaruso and architect Ricardo Caminada, using furniture from Mac Móveis. The objects respect the techniques already used by the craftsmen, only expand the possibilities of creation. They are boxes, lamps, bags, crucifixes and other pieces made with typical materials of regional crafts: wood, soapstone, embroidery, crepe paper and brass.