Tiradentes' Creative Week: Unfoldings

The Unfoldings were the way found by the creators of the Creative Week of Tiradentes, Simone Quintas and Junior Guimarães, to continue the work done with the artisans in the 2017 edition.


The designers Maria Fernanda and Sergio Cabral were invited to develop this project with the artisans, exploring even more deeply the knowledge and specific materials of each one.


Through several immersions carried out throughout the year 2018, new pieces were created that touch the emotional. They will be presented through an exhibition set with images by photographer Marcelo Oséas, illustrating the creation process of the involved designers.


Participating designers:

Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros

Sergio Cabral



Expedito Jonas de Jesus - soap stone

Lilia Fonseca - crepe paper

Maria Conceição de Paula - embroidery

Rondinelly Santos - carving

Wagner Trindade - brass