Artisans, gold that emerges by hands: Yankatu gallery

Part of the process of introducing to the world artisans and their works, Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros, creator of Yankatu promotes from February 21 to 28, the exhibition of her collection "Artisans: the gold that emerges by the hands", initially launched in 2017, which gained a continuation in 2018 and now in addition to launching another product of the series, receives in her studio the artisans: Rondinelly Santos, carvers specialized in sacred art and the sculptor Expedito de Jonas Jesus.


The exhibition takes place at Yankatu, which during these events, becomes, according to Maria Fernanda, a "Gallery with Soul", a place of fostering dialogue, culture, poetry and art, reinforcing the values and the true essence of what she believes. The event, which lasts for a week, will have a special opening with the talk that will bring together the designer and the artisans in a conversation about the creation process and the continuity of the work.