MADE 2019: Mercado Arte Design

It's amazing how some events coincide with our current moment and our perspective for the future. When this occurs, it is an almost magical moment that goes beyond our understanding, but that brings us a lot of learning and reconnects us with our purposes. ALMA-RAIZ, Yankatu's new collection, arises from this meeting (or reunion) of the designer and creator of the art gallery, Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros, with Urucureá, a riverside community near Alter do Chão, in Pará.


The collection was presented during MADE - Mercado Arte Design. For the event, Maria Fernanda elaborated with the girls of Urucureá small baskets, each containing a pendant signed by Susana Fernandez, which summarize the collection in its essence: the rescue of a genuinely national culture and its plural beauties, in a language that communicates with our days.  "Alma-Raiz is born loaded with meanings about craftsmanship: it reflects part of our history, lives in tune with nature around it and translates feelings and emotions spontaneously, instinctively. Alma-Raiz is born from my ever deeper pride in Brazilian identity."