Carimbó: Yankatu Gallery

The experiences with knowledges of the brazilian communities gave Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros a unique experience in the knowledge of the ancestral culture of our country. In recent years, yankatu's artist, designer, researcher and creator has developed collections that go beyond form and function, bring with them the history of each people and rescue the way we see our culture more affectively. As a result of this trajectory, the Carimbó series is born, composed of pieces that unite various techniques and inspirations, and symbolizes the reopening of the Yankatu Gallery, as a new moment for the brand.


Carimbó luminaires are a good example of this mixture. Maria Fernanda developed two models that involves different techniques. One of them has the metal structure with copper bath and tucumã straw, produced by the artisans of Urucureá, in Pará, as protagonist. Its lightness is due to the distribution of straw in the metal structure and refers to the skirt that was designed when the artisan Socorro made one of the first pieces of the Alma-Raiz collection, in the community of Urucureá. For the other model, Maria Fernanda invited again the stylist Suzana Fernandez to knit the tucumã straw with copper wire, this time to embrace the structure of two luminaires, letting the light pass through and serving as a starting point for the straw that Maria Fernanda inserts in the structure, maintaining its natural movement reminiscent of the feeling of freedom of the skirts of the carimbó dancers. The pieces also have yankatu's exclusive thread, made with organic cotton, grown by family farmers from Campina Grande, Paraíba.


Fruteira Carimbó brings the beauty and delicacy of the pottery produced by the artisan Deuzani Gomes dos Santos and her daughters Marcilene and Gil, from the Jequitinhonha Valley, in harmony with the tucumã straw. It is suspended by ropes made of straw and fastened on a carved stand in Cabreúva Parda, the same wood that makes up the pieces of the Alma-Raiz collection.