Fio da Meada: A CASA Museum

A CASA Museum inaugurates on November 11, Wednesday, the exhibition "Fio da Meada". The exhibition presents four visions of the same experience that began in Muzambinho, Minas Gerais, in September 2014. Having the artisanal textile potential as the main support, four Brazilian designers – Mari Dabbur, Marina Dias, Maria Helena Emediato and Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros – create pieces of furniture in partnership with groups of artisans from the city of Minas Gerais.

Using textile production as a guide, the exhibition seeks to value artisanal work. "By encouraging people to interact, we intend to break the existing stereotype in relation to artisanal, taking a new look at these communities and the product of their work," says designer Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros.


Four designers, from the same journey and working on the same stand, produce completely different pieces.