Muda Award 2020

Organized by Vogue, GQ, Glamour and Casa Vogue, from Globo Condé Nast Editions, the award recognizes fashion, beauty and design brands that value social and ecological sustainability in the country. Small, medium and large companies were included in this edition, which categorized the winners in the categories Terra (environmental aspects) and Gente (social aspects).

In partnership with B System, the award was transmitted directly from the shopping complex located in Chácara Santo Antônio and which has sustainability, well-being and concern for the environment as its main pillars.


Design - people category


A furniture design that has soul and a premise that reveals stories and pass on the value of national culture. This is yankatu's proposal, conceived by designer Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros. "I believe that objects speak, they tell a little about us, our identity, our way of life, they remind us who we are and where we have been. They tell stories."