Unknown territories: Usagi Gallery - Brooklin. NY / USA

What to say when we receive an invitation from Hong Kong to participate in an exhibition in which the curatorship seeks pieces from designers that go beyond aesthetics and send a message about the historical, cultural and social context of your country?


I said yes! And this yes allowed me to meet incredible people who share the same feelings as I, although we live in different parts of the globe, allowed me to have my work and that of Deuzani and her daughters exposed in a city like New York, during NYCxDesign, where people from all over the world were able to get in touch with the tradition of ceramics in the Jequitinhonha Valley and its stories, made me discover that when I speak of what I believe I can express my emotion in other languages ​​and infect those around me.


Anyway, I can only thank Zsofia Ilosvai and Elvira Cascione, from Design Pier, for having met me and I don't even know how and invited me to participate in the Unknown Territories exhibition, at Usagi Gallery, NY.


The exhibition that was supposed to stay only during the NYCxDesign period was successful and was invited by the gallery to extend for another month. And so Yankatu and Brazilian artisanal work have the chance to present a part of our country's wealth to the world.