See beyond what is revealed to translate feelings and stories into unique pieces of design and art.

Bespoke projects for brands, industries and final customer.

Yankatu wishes to extend its exclusivity by creating unique pieces, made to order, sculpted in solid wood, inspired by your story, your recollections, values and dreams.

The idea is to bring to the piece the “soul” of the owner, capturing aspects and captivating details of his/her life, transforming the it in something more than a piece: these are creations with a real meaning, delicacy and emotion.

Your identity translated into a unique work of art.


Mercato bench



Created from an invitation of the Italian-Brazilian brand Acierno, this piece is made in yellow sucupira wood with details in organic cotton yarns cultivated by small farmers in Campina Grande, PB.

Inspired by the 50-year history of the brand, born in Palermo, Italy, it highlights the importance of cultural traditions, craftsmanship and manual making. It is a bench that also includes a lamp, a clothesline for photos, reminders and letters, has organizer boxes, in fact, it is versatile as the counter of an old Italian market.


200 W x 45 D x 180 H (cm) 


 Rosa chair

Made of demolition wood, each piece is always unique. A delicate recess on both sides of the backrest houses crocheted roses made by artisan Claudia Pinheiro from handcrafted dyed cotton yarns.

Inspired by the story of passion for contemporary art and design of Waldick Jatobá, the chair transmits all the love of the curator for the family and the shift of his career, which has influenced the way people see the new designers and the authorial design today.  

During the creation process, I have looked for inspiration in the first work acquired by him, “Pictures of Wire” from Vik Muniz, which arouse from a striking poem by Gertrude Stein: “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose”; and the work of artist Louise Bourgeois, one of the most admired by him at the time of the chair conception.

A piece full of meanings that revives old memories and awakens emotions.

42 W x 65 D x 94 H (cm)   


42 L x 65 P x 94 H (cm)   


Jequi Kitchen

An interior design can and should translate our way of being, our identity, our values. Jequi kitchen is all about this.

The love for Brazilian woods and handicrafts guided the materials: jequitbá, a kind of wood that is less affected by climate change, and ceramic beads made artisan by Deuzani Gomes dos Santos, in the Jequitinhonha Valley.

A kitchen integrated with the living room needs to go beyond sophistication, it needs to be practical, which was brought about by the use of the NTM Phoenix and the stainless-steel vat. In fact, practicality is a daily feature of the customer, just as the perfect fittings left in the drawers are a reflection of her, extremely detailed personality.


A bespoke project is like this, a person enters the space and immediately identifies who inhabits that place.

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