Circular Project: Sit. Read. Write.

Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros e Kulikyrda Mehinako

Where do I want to leave my reflection? Designer and researcher, Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros dives into ancestry of each village, community in which you work. In these immersions, exchange experiences, learn about customs, beliefs and arts that go from generation to generation, seeking to incorporate each discovery in their works, creating thus, pieces that value art, delicacy, inspiration and memories of each one of these artists. Kulikyrda “Stive” Mehinako of the Kaupüna Village (Territory Xingu indigenous - MT) is a technician in agroecology and an indigenous health agent (AIS). He started make benches at the age of 13, motivated by the custom of his people. The shapes of the pieces represent the animals of his territory. The artwork presented here comes from the records made by Maria Fernanda at your first visit to the village when passing by a burnt forest.


Developed in partnership with Kulikyrda, the work was created with four hands that provokes the public to see beyond the obvious and to take the opportunity to rethink its place. The bench is divided in the middle with a mirror and it reflects the image of the person when choosing to sit down on the indigenous art or on the branch hurt by the inconsequential attitude of man. An invitation to a break, to sit as a moment of interiorization. A way to awaken memories so that we perceive our strength, we can see all the signs around us, read every detail and write the story we want to leave as an inheritance.


Farah Service 

Curator: Marc Pottier