Yankatu, in the belief of the Kamayurá people, is our third soul, our essence.


It's true beauty.


It gives the person the dignity he possesses as a human being.

was born from the desire of the designer Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros to translate the essence of Brazilian identity through a unique and timeless design.

My motivation comes from my soul and flows openly.

In each project I dive into the region’s traditions, its crafts and the lives of the people who make them. A search made with sensibility and professionalism, respecting the rhythm dictated by time.

I believe that design and art are one of the main ways to value and eternalise our ancestral knowledge and nature around . Through Yankatu I expose not only my work, I bring with me the dream of many and instigate new others. The tangible part that connect my work with the life of the artisans that share their moments with me. The other par, immeasurable, is in continuous development with no date to finish.

My desire is clear: To be able to do this while I live.



Creative Director and Idealizer of Yankatu


Development of bespoke projects for brands, industry and end customer







Facilitator (Immersion Travel)

Social Impact Projects



2019   6th Brazilian Object Award

            Ni Table Lamp - Honorable Mention

2016   5th Brazilian Object Award

           Memories Collection - 2nd Place

2014   Job Trainnig Girona + Escola Panamericana

           Tribos Buffet - Honorable Mention          


2016   Design Furniture | Pan American School of Art

           Fio da Meada's Experience

2016   Maker Week | Oficina LAB

           ATY - adding stories, keeping traditions

2019  Campinas's Design Week | Saccaro

          O designer como agente transformador 


2019  CASA COR | IED Talks

          Symbolism and Brazilian identity

2019  Yankatu Galery

          Ancient Knowledge, New Looks


          Talk with Artisans - Expedito J. Jesus e

          Rondinelly Santos

2018  Desdobramentos - Tiradentes Creative Week (MG)

2018  Belas Artes | 4x4 ABD São Paulo

          Handmade design

2018  Mostra 100% Minas | Casa Fiat de Cultura (MG)

          Design and Handicraft Round Table

2018  Casa Cor Minas (MG)

          Talk about Tiradentes Creative Week

2017  LAB Tiradentes | Tiradentes Creative Week (MG)


2019   Sao Paulo | REVESTIR

           Manual Gallery by Casa e Jardim Magazine

2018   Sao Paulo | A Casa – Museu do Objeto Brasileiro

           6th Brazilian Object Award | Ni Table Lamp


2018  Tiradentes | Minas Gerais | Tiradentes Creative Week

          Artisans Exhibition: gold that flourish through the hands

          Desdobramentos Exhibition


2018   Sao Paulo | Design Sampa – Conjunto Nacional

            Brocado Cabinet

2018   New York - EUA | Usagy Gallery

           Unknown Territories – Curatorship by Design Pier

           at NYCxDesign,

           Records of time Collection

2017  Paris - França | Casa de Leilões PIASA

          Memories Collection - Design do Brasil Auction


2017  Tiradentes | Minas Gerais | Tiradentes Creative Week

          Centro Cultural Yves Alves

2017  Sao Paulo | A Casa – Museu do Objeto Brasileiro

          Moldar Mudar: Life molded in the clay of soul

2017  Milan - Italy | Università Degli Studi di Milano

          Mostra 100% Brasil – BRASIL S/A


2016  Sao Paulo | A Casa – Museu do Objeto Brasileiro

          5th Brazilian Object Award | Memories Collection

2015   Sao Paulo | A Casa – Museu do Objeto Brasileiro

           Fio da Meada Exhibition


2015   Sao Paulo | Galeria D

           Brand Launch


2014   Sao Paulo  | Escola Panamericana de Arte

           Job Training Girona 



2018  Sao Paulo | MADE – Mercado de Arte e Design 

          Launching Artisans Collection

2018  Sao Paulo | SP- Arte 

         Rococo Dresser – Tiradentes Creative Week

2018  Sao Paulo | 33o Paralela 

          Pout Pourri of all Colections

2017  Sao Paulo | MADE – Mercado de Arte e Design 

          Launching Records of Time Collection

2016  Sao Paulo | MADE – Mercado de Arte e Design 

          Launching Jardim Collection

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